If you are a parent creating an account for your child and you listed yourself as a player by mistake, you can update the player information by following these instructions: 

  1. Log in to your organization's home page - [Organization].teamsportsadmin.com
  2. Click MY PROFILE in the main menu.
  3. Here you can change information for players and guardians. If you added your information as the player, you can remove it and add yourself as a guardian. If you need assistance adding yourself as a guardian, check out this article: As a player/guardian, how do I add a guardian to my account?
  4. Once you have changed the information as needed, scroll down and click Update to save your changes. 

If you created a new account to solve this issue and would like to delete the extra account, please contact your sports organization, as all accounts are controlled through an Organization Administrator. If you need the contact information for your organization, please email support@teamsportsadmin.com.